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What we do?

What is our scope?

Dear Publisher,
We’re your next advertising placement management. One that is competent and professional in its actions and knows how to earn money in online advertising. And we want to work for you.

Formats and Ad Placements

We run an extensive analysis of the ad formats you choose to better suit your needs. Apart from that, should situation need it, we provide advice on which format to choose for a successful campaign that will not annoy your users.

New sources of income

To name a few – affiliate programs, RTB systems, Google’s Adsense platform, campaigns running on the cost per-click system, CPL, CPO… The list goes on. The Internet is an extremely powerful platform and, as such, can be used in a plethora of ways. We’ll assist in better configuring your campaign to maximize your income.

RTB i Programmatic Buying

We’re armed to the teeth with the newest tools and are not afraid to use them! More and more online adverts are setup to enable automatic purchases. Times are changing and an advanced algorithm is slowly replacing mediaplanner in deciding where the money will go. We’ll help you squeeze the system to the last drop.

Adserver management and campaign

On one hand your campaign did not manage to handle of the request. On the other, a chunk of the screens did not produce any adverts at all. Sounds familiar? We’ll optimize the advertising space for your websites to get rid of this issue.



Working with us is risk-free. You’ll pay us when you’ll be actually earning more than now due to our expertise

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And others

We serve approximately 1 500 000 000 ad impressions per month 

Who are we?

WaytoGrow houses specialists with extensive experience in marketing and advertising for big publishers.

Dominik Czarnota

Previously a CEO of Nasza Klasa sp z.o.o.
Experienced head of sales department
From the beginning of his career working in e-commerce
Worked for INTERIA.PL and Orange
His motto was always “To earn more with limited resources”

Janusz Michalik

For a long time associated with a biggest polish social network NK.PL as an analytics and head of performance marketing department
Responsible for introducing of automatization of ads sale
At INTERIA.PL was working as analytics in e-commerce department

Łukasz Grodecki

For couple of years associated with a biggest polish social network NK.PL as an traffic and finally head of traffic department
Responsible for portal advertising and revenue optimization
Knows a lot ad server environments and knows how the best use of them

Let’s strive for success together!

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